by Michael Holland    

Every leader interacts on a continual basis with employees, peers, supervisors and outside stakeholders.  These dynamic interactions are ripe grounds for misunderstandings and ineffective leadership.  You should take time to review – or learn about – your individual communication style and how you prefer to interact with your environment. Several assessment tools are available which can help you better understand how others might perceive your verbal and non-verbal behaviors and interactions.

All communication processes are tricky.  The key is to be able to present your message in a manner and form which the intended receiver will “hear” rather than ignore.  We all have been the recipient of a message from an authority figure which we misunderstood based on the manner in which it was communicated.

Think back to situations where your message wasn’t heard and ponder on how the intended recipient prefers to receive information.

Remember, the right message delivered in the wrong way is the wrong message.

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