By Michael Holland – 

Our leadership skills are being tested.

Routines have changed. Ready access to leaders has changed. The methods of communication have changed or are challenged. Physical work locations have changed.

It’s likely the only normalcy our employees will see is the leadership we consistently provide.

I do know there is one key leadership habit which we can leverage to help be more consistent during this COVID-19 pandemic season that has been thrust upon us.

The key leadership habit: leaders should be facilitating weekly one-on-one (1:1) meetings with employees. (learn more about 1:1s)

It is during the privacy of the 1:1 that we as leaders can. . .

  • hear how an employee is adjusting to this new reality
  • learn how an employee is managing their work load with less interactions or remote interactions
  • communicate information and reinforce previous communications
  • gauge the impact of obstacles in the way of the employee keeping their momentum with work
  • provide comfort
  • provide prioritization
  • hear how they are being impacted – personally

Use whatever medium – phone, Zoom video conferencing app, in-person across the 6-foot table – is available at this point in time.

Now is the time to increase your leadership reach with your employees.  Six months from now you’ll be happy you invested the time wisely.

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • In Robin Perry’s 4 Reasons to Have 1-on-1 Meetings With Your Employees, which reason resonated most with you?
  • Is your boss having 1:1s with you? If not, how about scheduling them yourself.
  • What’s you biggest concern with 1:1s? Grab a peer leader, read Robin Perry’s post and discuss.