by Michael Holland    

Riding waves at the beach is a lot like building a team.  You rush to catch a lot of waves just before they are perfect and you hesitate just a bit too long and are late to catch great waves.  Then just while you are focusing on the big house on the shore a wave sneaks up on you and totally destroys your sense of reality.  But every now and then, you see a sweet wave approaching, you stage yourself just right and at the perfect spot to catch the full momentum of the wave’s energy.  You accelerate your paddling and kicking at exactly the right time to ride the full wave all the way to the beach.

Ever been on a team that is perfectly aligned to accelerate with all their resources to catch the full energy of the organization’s momentum?  It’s a tremendously empowering event.

Ever been on a team that gets slammed by the unseen wave? It’s a terrifying and fearful event.

Keep your team in the water and keep practicing the basics of building cohesive teams to enrich the instincts, muscle memory and perspective of the environment which will allow your team to get better.