by Michael Holland    

Looking for a creative and cheap way to practice your leadership skills?  Be a kid again and play some games.  Here are some game ideas and the associated skill areas.

  • Blokus, Chess or Backgammon – strategic thinking, patience
  • Charades – situational agility, team work
  • Halo – executive politics
  • Rock Band – team work
  • Twister – relationship building
  • Monopoly – winning it all . . . and putting it all back in the box
  • Nerf Gun Wars – focusing, agility
  • Scrabble – performance review terminology
  • Settlers of Catan – budgeting, resource planning
  • Wii Fit – stamina
  • Risk – strategic thinking, execution, agility and decisiveness
  • Bananagrams – creativity, flexibility, adjusting course

Gather a few peers, play a game and increase your leadership skills.  And maybe you’ll laugh a bit along the way.

Have a game you’d like to add to our list?  Share your game idea on our Facebook page.