by Michael Holland    

It would be great if employees were more accountable, took initiative, went the extra mile, took responsibility for their own development, were self-motivated not being influenced by the negative behaviors of others and quickly turned failures into lessons learned.  Our roles as leaders would be so much easier.

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I encourage and support the new ideas people have?
  • What do I do when people step up and work “outside their box” to “do the right thing” even if it’s not in the “rules”
  • What are the behaviors I display that show I encourage and support employees “thinking” rather than just “showing up and filling their seat?”
  • What am I doing to elevate the desired behaviors I seek from my employees?

I believe your charge should be:  To act consistently in ways that model the values, performance, culture and most importantly, personal responsibility you expect of yourself and within your team and the organization.

Coaching Thoughts – For You and Your Peers

  • To you agree or disagree with “the charge” in the last paragraph?
  • If a videographer followed you around for a week, what behaviors would the videos reveal? Would you be proud or disturbed?