By Michael Holland    

Team engagement and motivation can wane over time.  Here are five steps you can take to awaken your team.

  • Play a Game – At the start of a team meeting or in the middle of the day play a quick round of “minute to win it” games.  Utilize the energy boost to awaken the spirit of team members as well as the spirit of the whole team.   Click here to get your ideas flowing.
  • Starbucks Moment – Have each team member prepare a short summary of how they would describe the purpose of their team to a stranger they met in line at Starbucks.  In that line they would have 2 or 3 minutes to articulate the driving force and goals of the team using language free of internal jargon.  Have each team member present their Starbucks Moment at your next team meeting and encourage team members to fully plagiarize each other’s Starbuck Moment.  Video tape the fun for future prosperity.
  • Watch a Movie – Over several lunch hours have your team watch the movie Miracle on Ice.  The movie will awaken the drive to succeed as a team rather than individually.
  • Pick a Team Mascot – Go to a local toy store and pick something – a stuffed animal, a toy truck, an action figure, etc. – to represent your team.  Use the mascot as a symbol of great effort for the team giving the mascot to a team member every two weeks to keep in the office or cubicle.  Fully play up the focus on the mascot with a team fight song, video or Facebook page.
  • Tell Stories – Team cultures are built upon the behaviors and history of the team.  Take advantage of opportunities to tell war stories of the team’s perseverance through challenges of years past.  Make a point to play up the heroes and the drama of the events.

Whether you’re the leader of the team or just a team member you can step up and lead the awakening of your team.  Momentum starts with a single step forward.