Most people are feeling it: “Virus Lethargy”

  • Tired of being on Zoom or Teams and having virtual meetings
  • Struggling with the fog of what’s ahead
  • Bored of their surroundings from being at home so much

The result:  things are feeling slow, dull, monotonous

The treatment:  an energy boost

Ask yourself:  What boosts your energy?  (And it’s not another cup of coffee!)  Is it a walk, a run, talking with a colleague you miss connecting with?

Perhaps chatting with your boss about the future?  Reaching out to a customer you’ve always enjoyed?  Reading a book?

Think about what used to put that “pep in your step” when you were in the office.  Then turn off your computer and find a way to do that again.

Then ask each of your team members:  What boosts their energy? And give them permission to do that – regularly.

Think about what you used to see put a “pep in their step” – tell them about that – and work to make that happen again.  And as the weeks go on, remember to continue to ask them if they making time for their energy boost.

This is your new work environment – it’s time to recreate it.