Our reality is that working virtually – in some form – is here to stay.  You are now creating your team’s virtual or blended work culture – and it’s time to do it purposefully.

With the rush of getting established remotely, your team’s habits and norms happened spontaneously.

It’s now time for your team to talk about what’s working/what’s not working so well, to share best practices, and to purposefully decide elements of your virtual work culture.

Here are three tips. . .

Plan a Facilitated Team Discussion

Talk about what’s working and not working in your virtual work world.

Share technology tips and tricks to help one another.

Share preferences and make agreements around communication and virtual work processes.

Bring Together a Group of Leaders in Your Organization

Talk about successes and challenges you each are having in leading virtually.  Lean on one another for advice.

Recognize that managing performance “looks different” in a virtual work world.  Consider adjustments you need to make.

Have a Team Tech Check

It’s time to evaluate if people are using their technology well.

Give feedback to people who need to change their tech habits.

  • Are you tired of looking at their ceiling, or not having a clear connection?
  • Do your team members have the technology they need and know how to use it?

It’s time to invest time in making sure people can use Zoom, Teams, and Slack to capacity.

Having a portion of you team – or the whole team at points in time – working virtually is part of the new norm for most.  It’s time to make sure your team grows into the remote team you want it to be.

Bishop House facilitators have been helping teams have these needed discussions and offers learning on leading well virtually.  Please feel free to each out to talk about your needs (leadwell@bishophouse.com or (518) 885-9064).

We’d like to partner with you through this journey.