We have now entered a lull – a bit of a new normal – and energy and motivation may be dropping.  Which may also mean productivity is waning.

The initial excitement/initial energy to WFH (work from home) came from the team/organization initially pulling together to solve new challenges and new problems.

Some employees are tired – their WFH situation is hard – struggling to balance parenting, teaching, and working.

Even for yourself – you may have found your energy for leading well has diminished.

What to do:  Stay the Course

Stay the course:  Keep your Focus

Keep focusing on being a good virtual leader.

Re-evaluate your communication.  Keep your virtual meetings  going– yes, it’s easier to email but be certain you are still picking up the phone, having video meetings, keeping your rhythm of connecting with each team member.

Stay the Course:  Focus on the Short Term

Very soon change will be coming again so look ahead but not too far.  Be careful not to get ahead of yourself.

Focus on the next 3 weeks.  What needs to get done?

Talk with each team member about their goals for the next 3 weeks.

Apply SMART goal thinking: talk in terms that are specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and the timeframe is short – 3 to 4 weeks.

Stay the Course:  Focus on Learning

For some, this WFH situation has created more time in their day.

Identify what learning would be beneficial for these team members to do over the next 3 weeks. Take advantage of the numerous on-line courses being offered (see our courses).

Re-visit development goals set for this year for your employees and yourself.  Make progress on growing.

Maybe with all this change it’s time to establish new goals.

Stay the Course: Focus on Motivating

As always, focus on what motivates each team member.

Reflect on what drives each person and work to allow that happen.

Focus on what’s going well.  Pause and recognize the good work people are doing.

Stay the Course: Focus on Building Reserves

Soon we will be shifting again.  Take this next 3-week season to build reserves for the next change.

Invest in a 2-hour mini-retreat to process and reflect upon what has worked well, what have you learned about yourself as a leader, what new assumptions about work productivity and processes have you developed.

This will help you to free up intellectual and emotional energy.

And take some time to inventory all that you are thankful for.