While leading during any major change, remember, there is always a trough – a low time during change when we feel “stuck.”  Keep these three change principles in mind as you are leading.

Expect Multiple Reactions:  From Others and Yourself

At times you may be feeling optimistic and encouraged. At other times you may feel sluggish and discouraged.

This is normal.  Be aware of these different reactions in your team members as you interact.

Ride their wave of excitement when you see it – encourage them forward.

Pause and “give space” – apply good listening – when you are sensing someone is discouraged.

Maybe most importantly, apply these same concepts to yourself.

Recognize What’s Been Lost

William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, is a strong proponent of acknowledging what’s “ending” as we move through change.

Ask:  what have we “lost?”

And his next suggestion – celebrate it!

Try this at your next team meeting.  Ask people what they miss about their “old world.”  Cheer on their memories by adding to them, reminiscing, maybe even write up a list of “the good old, pre-pandemic days” for your team and send it out.

Daydream of What’s Ahead

Even though it’s foggy – think about your future vision.  What’s ahead, what opportunities do you see in our changed world?

Share your foggy daydream with your team – encouraging them to do the same and adding to yours.  What’s possible in the future?   What might it be like?

Let the ideas flow and see what nuggets get produced.

Keep track of these ideas for possible steps forward as the next few weeks unfold.