Working virtually likely means that conversations which need to happen are likely not happening.

It’s easier to put off conversations when you are not working face to face.  You can hang up the phone or “end the meeting” and breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s time to build in coaching and feedback to your leading virtually routines with these three tips:

  • Acknowledge to team members that in the pace of “going virtual” you were focused on getting processes established, and getting work tasks completed – and now it’s time for you to take a step back and regroup. It’s time to talk about “how things are going.”
  • Re-establish your 1:1 (one-on-one) meetings if they’ve gotten off-track or start them if you haven’t been leveraging these powerful meetings. Make time to talk about more than just the immediate work projects.  Make time for broader conversations and giving and getting feedback.
  • Re-visit goals. What performance or development goals were in place at the start of the year?  Do they still fit?  What needs to be adjusted?

It’s time to lean into what you want your virtual leadership style to be.

How will you embrace leading in this new world?

Something that hasn’t changed….you still need to be purposeful in being the leader you want to be.

Bishop House offers individual and small group coaching to help leaders make this transition to “virtual leadership.”  We also offer group training sessions on Managing Performance in a virtual world.