Video Testimonials

#Leadwell: Building Leaders for Tomorrow

  • “The facilitators are great and the coursework fantastically interesting.”
  • “The material was presented in a way that didn’t feel like nonsense HR talk.”
  • “I wish I took the training a year ago.”

These are just a few examples of feedback we have received over the years from participants of the #Leadwell people leadership training program. We could share many more with you, but we think our participants do a much better job at telling you themselves!

We have helped over 1,000 leaders in the Capital Region and beyond become more effective through our #Leadwell program. Listen to what some of our leaders and HR professionals had to say about the program.

Meet Walt Hartl

Director of Training
Hoffman Development Corporation

“We’ve sent dozens and dozens of our management team there and without exception everyone has come back and said it was a fantastic program.”

Meet Veronica Blendell

Sales Force Delivery Manager
Healthcare Industry

“I had a really great time doing this program. I was sad when it ended. I wish there was like a 2.0 of the program, and a 3.0 and a 4.0 because I would definitely take it.”

Meet Darren Leader

Head of Research and Financial Planning
Simmons Capital Group

“You get a chance to interact with other leaders from different industries…and learn from them while learning a whole lot of really, really good curriculum.”

Meet Ryan Smithson

Solutions Consultant Supervisor
Tyler Technologies

“Honestly the best virtual training I have done. I’ve done a lot of trainings with folks who are not so well adept at keeping people engaged. Leadwell did an awesome job of that.”

Meet Mary Ellen Olenyk

Director of Human Resources
Hoffman Development Corporation

“We are investing in our leaders because it makes good business sense…to have leaders who manage well, who create environments where we can attract and retain employees.”

Meet Adam Kinowski

Deputy Director of HR
Saratoga County

“An individual would benefit by taking the Leadwell program because the program focuses on self-awareness, so they would learn something about themselves.”