A great opportunity for CRHRA members

Are you a manager in an HR function with direct reports?  Do you wish you could participate in a leadership development program to learn effective people leadership skills?

HR managers are no different than other managers in their organizations when it comes to needing to be effective at leading the employees who report to them.  And they deserve the opportunity to learn to be great at people leadership.

CRHRA is partnering with Bishop House Consulting to bring the firm’s highly regarded people leadership training program to members who are HR managers.  The program – #Leadwell – Building Leaders for Tomorrow – is grounded in the conviction that effective and impactful people leaders require insight into their personal leadership style.  Development of that style – in addition to learning and adapting key leadership and management behaviors – ensures that leaders are leading well today and into the future.

The people leadership training program provides you with the skills you need to develop yourself, and the leaders around you, to tackle the individual needs of each person in your organization. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to participate in the acclaimed #Leadwell program alongside others in HR leadership roles.

The #Leadwell program combines dynamic, live, virtual instruction, situational coaching and interactive sessions to provide leaders with an environment and opportunity to learn. Participants of the #Leadwell: CRHRA program will be eligible to receive 20 continuing education credits.

Features of the program:

  • Rich content developed by the area’s top leadership and organizational trainers
  • Personalized leadership style assessment
  • Facilitators with decades of hands on management experience
  • One-on-one personal coaching throughout the program
  • Interactive peer-to-peer learning

Participants will learn to:

  • Clarify the role they play as manager and leader
  • Improve management communications
  • Build mature relationships with employees and peers
  • Practice coaching skills for improving performance
  • Lead and motivate their team in today’s hybrid work environments

Detailed course outline

Feedback on our program

I came into the program not really sure what to think but the actual experience was by far a win in my books because it taught me so much about myself and is still helping me now with others at work and in life in general. Big thanks.

2018 Leadwell participant

I did not expect to be able to reflect on myself and develop the personal growth and insight that I experienced.

2023 Leadwell participant

Being able to learn from the facilitators and videos were wonderful, but additionally hearing from the other people in the course made it a complete experience for me. You guys did amazing and I am so thankful I was able to participate in this.

2018 Leadwell participant

This course made an immediate impact on how I go about my workday as well as home life.

2021 Leadwell participant

Going into the program I expected it to be your typical leadership/management training but the facilitators really kept the information engaging and that was a great experience.

2019 Leadwell participant

The topics and material that was covered was very helpful for individuals that are a new manager such as myself. Creating good habits at the start is easier than breaking bad habits. Therefore I would recommend this course to individuals that are early in their manger role.

2022 Leadwell participant

Both facilitators were VERY knowledgeable and had great examples to provide. They were also helpful in getting the class to talk through situations that individual class members were experiencing.

2018 Leadwell participant

I left with more information and tools than I expected and really enjoyed the class.

2023 Leadwell participant

Besides being more fun than anticipated, the content and the structure of the program made a strong impact. And it’s nice to know that I can reach out to the coaches after the program is over.

2018 Leadwell participant

I opted to do this program in lieu of a professional conference this year and couldn’t be happier about my decision. I feel renewed!

2019 Leadwell participant

I came in thinking it would be some very generic information, but loved all the practical tools that were provided.

2022 Leadwell participant

Registration and Dates

The retail price for this program has been discounted from $2,995 to $2,795 for CRHRA members.

We are also offering the following early registration discounts:
Early bird pricing through April 30th – $2,645
Advanced pricing May 1st through June 15th – $2,695

Want more information on the #Leadwell: CRHRA program?

If you have questions or would like more information on the program please fill out our contact form…we’d love to talk to you!