Glenn Cook - Leadership Coach

About Glenn

Glenn is known as a leader who empowers others and develops teams.  In his 25 years leading in the non-profit world, Glenn has leveraged the power of leadership to mobilize both volunteers and paid staff to make profound differences in their local communities.

Glenn serves as the Associate Regional Director for Young Life in the Greater Northeast Region, and serves on a team that supervises and directs over 1,000 staff and volunteers in an eight-state region of the Northeastern US.

Having been a participant in the #Leadwell – Building Leaders for Tomorrow people leadership program in 2009, Glenn has first-hand experience with, and appreciation for the benefits that the program offers.  The insights gained from learning DiSC styles, and developing as a coaching leader are among the many things that Glenn has successfully integrated into his leadership, and now teaches to others.

Glenn and his wife have been married for 21 years, and have called the Capital Region home since 2000. Glenn and Becky have three teenage children.