Small Group CoachingGroup of managers at training

Small group coaching enables a small gathering of leaders – usually 2 to 4 – to build trusted, peer-mentoring relationships. Often, the coaching sessions:


Sample Coaching Circles Program for Peer Leaders

An experienced Bishop House Leadership Coach facilitates a series of Coaching Circles for a small group of leaders.  The goal of each Coaching Circle session is to ignite discussion around leadership topics, inciting and encouraging leaders to actively lead their employees.  The Bishop House Leadership Coach prepares several prompting topics to initiate discussions.  Topics may be cross-training oriented (i.e. effectively leading change, employee retention, creating an environment of success) and/or situationally relevant.

The primary objectives of the coaching program are:

  • To gain knowledge of and to share practical leadership tools.
  • To build peer relationships across the organization, creating momentum & bonding within cells of management.
  • To open opportunities for peer coaching moments.
  • To cross-pollinate expertise, style and motivation.

Timing of Coaching Circles

Coaching Circle sessions are delivered about every 3 to 4 weeks for the first five sessions.  Sustaining Coaching Circle sessions are facilitated about every 60 days thereafter.

We would be happy to contact you with more information on coaching.