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Bishop House’s Business Owner Executive Coaching has been developed to guide business owners who must balance the demands of executive leadership with business ownership.  Our customized programs allow us to work one-on-one with the business owner to develop both an effective and sustainable leadership style and effective plans for enhancing their impact on the company.  Business Owners leverage coaching for a variety of reasons:

  • To provide objective advice and counsel.  Often a business owner does not have a confidant with whom they can discuss critical, sensitive information regarding their business.  We partner with the business owner, acting in a role that our clients have described as a mixture of board member, boss, advisor, and business partner.
  • To provide business leadership wisdom and experience.  We work with business owners, discussing strategy, organizational structure, goal setting, financials, and operations.
  • To explore leadership impact.  We guide the business owner in understanding how they can have a greater impact on their business by adjusting/enhancing their style of leadership.
  • To explore next steps.  We provide advice and counsel to business owners as they explore growing, expanding the business, selling the business, or possibly exiting the business via internal succession.



Getting Started

Our process incorporates several approaches to help the business owner gain clarity on their goals and to create opportunities for enhancing their business.  Generally, business owner coaching projects include the following stages:

  • Assessment – Investigating and assessing the state of the business, the owner’s leadership impact on the company, and the owner’s personal and professional goals.
  • Situational Leadership Coaching – As the relationship grows between the executive coach and the business owner, opportunities are leveraged to provide direct, sensitive coaching to the business owner in varying degrees of intensity.
  • Action Planning – Action plans are developed to which the business owner can be held accountable.


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