With the release of Everything DiSC Workplace® and the Everything DiSC Comparison Report®, there are more reasons than ever for people to compare the two best-known assessments for training.  People who know MBTI and DiSC® agree that they both are valuable learning tools. But to select the best tool for the job, you need a clear understanding of the organization’s goals.


People Prefer DiSC® When:

  • Their goal is to get people to work more effectively together.

    • Do you have a team, group, or even a whole organization that you need to help work more effectively together? Everything DiSC Workplace® gives everyone a common language that helps them build more effective working relationships — one relationship at a time.
  • Training time is limited.

    • Do you need something that participants understand quickly and can apply right away? DiSC® is an intuitive and useful model that people can get their heads around — fast. Everything DiSC Workplace ® and the new circumplex model make it easier than ever to use and apply DiSC®.
  • They want follow-up to ensure the training is used.

    • Follow-up makes training stick, and no one can afford training that doesn’t stick. That’s why Everything DiSC Workplace® comes with unlimited access to the Everything DiSC Comparison Reports® — the most powerful follow-up tool available.


Quotes. . . People prefer DiSC® When:

Their goal is to get people to work more effectively together.

“DiSC® is a much simpler, universal language that has been successfully employed internationally. I believe its success is due largely to the fact that it is uncomplicated and easy to interpret, remember, and apply to individuals and teams.” — Training consultant, Minnesota, 10-year facilitator of DiSC® and MBTI

 “Practitioners need to understand the needs before selecting any tool, but with groups I typically start with DiSC® to give everyone a common starting point, and then bring in MBTI if the situation warrants.”  — Healthcare trainer, Maryland, Current user of DiSC® and MBTI

“I‘ve used both tools successfully for more than 10 years and frequently use DiSC® with technology teams. It’s quick and easy to understand the terminology. But I will use MBTI for one-on-one situations like career counseling…”  — Law firm administrator, New Jersey, 10-year user of both DiSC® and MBTI

Training time is limited.

 “We provide both DiSC® and MBTI and our clients are choosing DiSC® in most cases because the model is quickly understood, it is remembered, and applied. DiSC® is often the quickest way to achieve the results our clients desire.”  — Fortune 100 consultant, New Jersey, Certified facilitator DiSC® and MBTI

“The MBTI users I’ve trained with Everything DiSC® thought it was easy to use, descriptive and complete; which means they can learn and remember what they need in the limited time available.”  — President, Global consulting and training firm, Minnesota, Certified DiSC® Facilitator

“With our clients that use MBTI we’ve found the complexity to be a barrier for the short time frames organizations are demanding. The new circular maps in Everything DiSC® help people ‘get it’ more quickly and remember it better than ever.”  — Team development consultants, Pennsylvania, 20-years experience in assessment-based training

They want follow-up to ensure the training is used.

 “The new Everything DiSC Comparison Report® will make it much easier to keep conversations going after the initial training. It’s a real breakthrough, particularly for working with teams.”  — International leadership training consultant, CPLP, Missouri, Certified in DiSC® and MBTI

“The Everything DiSC Comparison Reports® give you a competitive edge over MBTI. This is how you apply the learning. It’s a vital component to the program.”  — Former Director of Extension Programs, Pennsylvania, 6+ years of experience with MBTI and DiSC®

 “After the training, I did an Everything DiSC Comparison Report®with one of my direct reports. It gave me a platform to say things that I couldn’t have said. It made it safe for me to say things that have been on my mind.”  — Training manager, engineering firm, Michigan