EPIC Instructions for Giving MyEverythingDiSC.com Options to Existing Reports

  1. Go to Manage Reports > MyEverythingDiSC.com Functions > Add/Remove Options
  1. Select the report type from the Product drop down list and click Next.
  1. Choose all of the report options you would like to give access to.
  1. Click on Add Reports.
  1. Enter selection criteria for the reports you wish to give access to and click on Search.
  1. Click the checkboxes next to the reports you would like to select, or to choose all reports click the Select All button below the list of reports.  Click Next.
  1. Review the list of reports to be updated.  If you would like to remove any of the reports listed, click the black “x” on the left of the individual report you wish to remove.
  1. Click the Update Report Options button.
  1. Click OK if you would like to send a custom email message to the individuals whose report options have changed. Select (and edit if desired) an existing message or create a new message.  Click OK to send.