EPIC Instructions for Setting Up Personalized EPIC Account Settings

  1. Go to Personal Options > View/Edit Account Information.
  1. Choose a default language for both of the Language Options choices.  Setting these both (to English) will save you a step in many of the EPIC functions.
  1. In the Email Options you can create a custom default subject by clicking the Custom Subject button and entering your default message.  You can choose to add one or more EPIC System variables to your default subject, which will be populated by the system with the proper values at the time the email message is sent.  Select one of the following values from the list and click Insert to add to the message:
  • Respondent Name
  • Leader Name
  • Access Code
  • Admin Company Name
  • Admin Name
  • Product Name
  1. Choose your email notification preference.  If you click the “Notify me via email when a respondent completes a profile,” the system will send you an email message each time a respondent completes a profile.
  1. Set your Credit Reminder balance.  If your credit balance drops below this amount you will receive a reminder from the system.  The credit balance that displays on the top of your EPIC home screen will also be displayed in red if it goes below this amount.
  1. Select your Time Zone Settings.  This option is important if you will be scheduling assessment invitations to be sent in the future or if you will be scheduling auto reminders.
  1. Set your Advanced Options.
  • Session Timeout > select the number of minutes after which you will be automatically logged out of the EPIC system.  Maximum time is 120 minutes.
  • View Report Online Default > setting this default will save you a step in functions involving assigning access codes
  • Enable Future Delivery and Auto Reminder feature for Assigning Access Codes > this will give you the option of scheduling assessment invitations to be delivered on a certain date/time and to schedule auto reminders to be sent on a certain date/time to any assessments pending completion.
  • Allow customizing the subject line for the Auto Reminder email > this will give you the ability to overwrite the custom default subject (see #3 above) when setting up auto reminders.
  1. Make sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the Personal Options screen to save your changes.