EPIC Instructions for Creating a New Individual Report

  1. Go to Manage Reports > Create New Report/Issue Access Codes.
  1. Select the following from the dropdown menus that appear:
  • Product Family > Everything DiSC
  • Product > choose the product you would like to issue the access code for
  • Language > English
  1. Click Next.
  1. On the new page that appears, keep all boxes checked for Report Content (unless there is content you wish to exclude from the report).  If you would like respondents to have access to MyEverythingDiSC.com after completion of the report, check all applicable boxes in the MyEverythingDiSC Options.  Click Next.
  1. On the new page that appears, select or create the folder and sub folder where you would like to store the DiSC report.
  1. Fill in delivery and auto reminder options.
  1. Enter respondent information:

To enter names individually…

  • On the “Enter Individual” tab, enter email address and name where indicated.  Select “yes” or “no” under view report for whether you want the person to be able to view their report immediately upon completion. You can select a default for this option by going to Personal Option > View/Edit Account Information.
  • Click on Add Respondent.  If you are entering multiple people all of the names will appear in a list below.

To import multiple names from a properly formatted Excel file

  • Click on the Import from Excel tab
  • Select the file you wish to import
  • Respondents will appear in a list below the Upload button

To use an existing report…

  • On the “Use Existing Report” tab, click on Search.
  • Enter search criteria to find the existing record and click on Search.
  • Check the box to the left of the desired report.
  • Click on Next.

** Note:  a combination of any/all of the three methods listed above may be used

  1. Verify the entered/imported name(s) and click Assign Access Code(s).
  1. A popup box will appear confirming the number of credits you will be deducting.  Click OK.
  1. A second popup box will appear asking if you would like to include a customized email message.  Select OK to add a customized message or Cancel to bypass this option and send a system-generated message with the link.
  1. The next screen will confirm the number of assessments you have sent.