EPIC Instructions for Batch Generating Reports

  1. Go to Manage Reports.  From the Batch Functions sub menu, select Generate Reports for Download.
  1. Enter selection criteria for the reports you would like to generate.  The following selection criteria are required:
  • Product Family > Everything DiSC
  • Product > choose the product you would like to issue the access code for
  • Language > English
  1. Click Search.
  1. From the search results, click the checkboxes to the left of the reports that you would like to include in the batch.  If you would like to include all reports click the blue “Select All” button below the results.  Click Next.
  1. In the “Batch Generate Details” box, give a name to your batch file.  In the “Report Content” options box, select the content you would like to have included in the batch report.  In the “Report Selection” box, select which reports to generate.  Click Next.
  1. Verify the list of reports to be produced, and click Generate Batch.
  1. A prompt will appear to let you know approximately how long your batch file will take to generate.  An email will be sent to the EPIC system administrator when the batch file is ready.
  1. To view the batch file you can do one of the following:
  • Click on the “View Batch Report Files here” link on your EPIC home page.
  • Go to Manage Reports > Batch Functions > Manage Existing Download files

* Note:  if you haven’t already done so, you may be required to download the free software required to unzip the generated files

  1. Click on the file name of the batch you created.