DiSC Style Podcasts

DiSC® helps you understand the various ways people approach communication and collaboration. With deeper knowledge of their styles, you can meet your coworkers where they are, leading to smoother, more effective relationships and a work culture built on respect.

DC Style

Goals: Independence, personal accomplishment
Judges others by: Competence, common sense
Influences others by: High standards, determination
Would increase effectiveness through: Warmth, tactful communication

D Style

Goals: Bottom-line results, victory
Judges others by: Ability to achieve results
Influences others by: Assertiveness, insistence, competition
Would increase effectiveness through: Patience, empathy

Di Style

Goals: Quick action, new opportunities
Judges others by: Confidence, influence
Influences others by: Charm, bold action
Would increase effectiveness through: Patience, humility, consideration of others’ ideas

iD Style

Goals: Exciting breakthroughs
Judges others by: Ability to think creatively, charisma
Influences others by: Boldness, passion
Would increase effectiveness through: Focusing on the details, patience, listening to others

i Style

Goals: Popularity, approval, excitement
Judges others by: Openness, social skills, enthusiasm
Influences others by: Charm, optimism, energy
Would increase effectiveness through: Being more objective, following through on tasks

iS Style

Goals: Friendship
Judges others by: Ability to see good in others, warmth
Influences others by: Agreeableness, empathy
Would increase effectiveness through: Acknowledging others’ flaws, confronting problems

Si Style

Goals: Acceptance, close relationships
Judges others by: Receptivity to others, approachability
Influences others by: Showing empathy, being patient
Would increase effectiveness through: Saying “no” if necessary, addressing issues

S Style

Goals: Harmony, stability
Judges others by: Dependability, sincerity
Influences others by: Accommodating others, consistent performance
Would increase effectiveness through: Displaying self-confidence, revealing true feelings

SC Style

Goals: Calm environment, fixed objectives, steady progress
Judges others by: Reliability, realistic outlook, even temperament
Influences others by: Diplomacy, self-control, consistency
Would increase effectiveness through: Initiating change, speaking up

CS Style

Goals: Stability, reliable outcomes
Judges others by: Precise standards, orderly methods
Influences others by: Practicality, attention to detail
Would increase effectiveness through: Showing flexibility, being decisive, showing urgency

C Style

Goals: Accuracy, objective processes
Judges others by: Expertise, systematic processes
Influences others by: Logic, exacting standards
Would increase effectiveness through: Acknowledging others’ feelings, looking beyond data

CD Style

Goals: Efficient results, rational decisions
Judges others by: Competence, use of logic
Influences others by: Strict standards, resolute approach
Would increase effectiveness through: Cooperation, paying attention to others’ needs