Tips for Having an Engaging DiSC Debrief Conversation


  • You read through report (focus on pages 1 – 6)  Highlight items you find stand out and will be important to discuss based upon your knowledge of the person, and their role.
  • Ask the participant to prepare for the conversation by reading and highlighting – what stands out to them – what they relate to, agree with, disagree with, have questions on, etc.

Open the Conversation

  • What did you think of the assessment?
  • Did you find it “fit” for you?
  • What parts did you relate to the most?
  • Share the background of DiSC. What is DiSC?
  • State objective of the conversation; what you want them to take away from the conversation.

Dig Into the Details

Page 3 map: tells style and inclination/intensity

  • So from what you read and understood – your style is ___, and you have a   ______ intensity?
  • Discuss intensity/inclination briefly

Page 4: tells quite a bit about your style.

  • What stood out in what you read?
  • Move through different points asking:
  • How do you think that impacts others that you work with/lead?
  • How well do you think that fits with the environment/culture here?
  • Here are a couple of things I noted that I think are worth considering….what do you think?
  • I think the impact of this could be….

Page 5 map: tells comfort zone & priorities

  • The shading represents your comfort zone – Can you see how some of these areas are more “comfortable” for you than others?  Any examples?  Here’s an example I thought of for you….what do you think?
  • If person pushes back at all….note: it doesn’t mean these other things are not important to you – or that you can’t do them – likely they just require more energy.

Page 6: tells about motivators and stressors

  • Ask the person to read through the list and check the items they find particularly motivating – and then to do the same with stressors.
  • Question:  Are you getting enough motivators in your work?  Remember to work on keeping more motivators in your work. How can you increase?
  • Question:  What is a stressor you identified?  Is there a current situation or task that connects to that?  How are you managing the stress?


Closing the Conversation

  • Depending on time, highlight the rest of the report and how to use it.
  • Last area to discuss or point out: think of someone, and their style, and review tips on how to adapt.


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Tips for Having an Engaging DiSC Debrief Conversation

Tips for Having an Engaging DiSC Debrief Conversation