Having a Conversation About the Everything DiSC Comparison Report®


  • Obtain and print a comparison report using one of the following methods:
    • Using MyEverythingDiSC.com.  If both participants have an active account, an invitation can be sent from one participant to the other to compare styles.  Once the invitation has been accepted a report can be downloaded and printed.
    • The EPIC system administrator that issued the DiSC assessment invitations can create comparison reports.
  • Both participants should read through their report, all 10 pages.
  • Schedule a time to meet. 30 – 45 minutes should be sufficient.

The Conversation:

Participants should…

  • State their styles
  • Go through each of the 6 continuum, discussing areas that could be or have been challenging and beneficial. Note how to better adapt in the future.
  • Choose 2 areas they both find important to be working on going forward.
  • Define actions they will take to make their interactions in the future go smoother / be more effective.
  • Review their Workplace Profile pages 12 – 15 for additional tips to each style.


Download the PDF

DiSC Comparison Conversation Tips

DiSC Comparison Conversations: Tips for Making them Meaningful