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The Difference Between Getting Things Done and Being an Effective Leader

By Michael Holland -  A seasoned Senior Vice President appears to have it all together.  He glides through the office with ease, almost strutting with an aura of success and accomplishment. He drives projects to conclusion, he musters employees and whole departments to give more and more work effort. He leaves late in the evening, [...]

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Suddenly You’re a Virtual Leader: Some Thoughts and Tips for Leading Well

By Michael Holland - In what feels like a quick moment, we are in an alternate world. Suddenly, we need to pivot and flex our leadership muscles to become full-time virtual leaders as the Governors ordered companies to have employees work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The leadership context and environment you've been so [...]

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Quit to Win

by Michael Holland -  Steve Jobs was a grand quitter. While he was immensely successful building and running Apple, he strategically leveraged quitting. He quit acclaimed Reed College after one semester and then dropped in periodically on creative classes at the school.  He later recounted how one course in calligraphy developed his love of typography. [...]

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Why “Tension” is Your Leadership Word for the Year

By Michael Holland I'm so tired of hearing people talking about balancing their workloads, balancing their lives between home and work, balancing commitment to goals, balancing the needs of employees with the needs of the business. The reality is there is not a balance or equilibrium.  We have been trained to think this false belief [...]

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Get off the Hamster Wheel: Slow Down to Speed Up

by Robin Perry At the end of a busy day I look at all I’ve accomplished – multiple coaching sessions, meetings, emails, phone calls – I hardly had a moment to stop! But was I really productive? I got a lot accomplished but what I didn’t get a chance to do was to look ahead [...]

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How to Get Better at Achieving Your Long-Term Goals: Covey’s 4 Quadrants Productivity Tool

In several books by Stephen Covey, he describes a framework for prioritizing work that is aimed at achieving long-term goals by understanding the lack of need for work on tasks that appear to be urgent, but are in reality less important. He uses a time management 4 box method to categorize tasks on two continuum: [...]

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We’ve got to Stop Meeting Like This!

By Robin Perry You’re planning a training or off-site with your team. Everyone is excited to get out of the office and spend a couple of days together. You’ve gotten the budget approved – no easy feat - so you want to be certain to get the most from the time together. You plan the [...]

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The 5 Ways an Emerging Leader Can Leverage Siri

by Michael Holland     As I drove from one executive coaching session to another, I had a 30-minute window of windshield time with an email and 4 text messages I wanted to take care of… but didn’t.    Later, while I pondered the missed opportunity, I thought about my high school aged son who had recently utilized [...]

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4 Signs That You’re Addicted to Work

by Michael Holland     “Blah, blah, bah. . . I have to get this work done.  . . blah, blah, blah” There’s a fine line between working hard and being addicted to work.  I see many executives and employees who work hard and enjoy most of the work they do.  But I also see some who [...]

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Re-assessing Your Planning Assumptions

by Michael Holland      Are you struggling as a leader to figure out how you’ll get everything done? Consider adjusting your “planning assumptions”: those parameters or guidelines that act as guard rails to keep you aligned on your original path.  Planning assumptions are great when they help to keep you moving forward on autopilot, [...]

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