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6 Ways You Can Train Your Boss to Be a Better Leader

By Michael Holland -  There’s your boss swaggering down the hallway on the way to his next meeting.  He has no clue how much he doesn’t know about leading well. You’ve just completed your super impactful #Leadwell people leadership training program and now you know just how far from a great leader your boss really [...]

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A Vital Skill to Help You Survive the Seemingly Clueless Leader

by Michael Holland -  Solving difficult problems and making wise organizational decisions can tax even the most self-actualized, mature, enlightened, and cohesive leadership team. A key to success is the capability to assume positive intent from the others on your team. This means that when the tight-fisted CFO shoots down your proposal because the costs [...]

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Top 3 Excuses Why Leaders Don’t Meet with Their Bosses One-on-One

by Michael Holland -  When I was a young manager working in Washington DC, my boss at the time began a certain tradition. Each week, she walked with me from our office, to and around the White House, and back again. This 20-minute or so walk was spent talking about the hows and whats of [...]

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The Mistake New Managers Make in Setting Boundaries

by Michael Holland -   How far can a bungee cord stretch before it will break? I squinted at the 4th bungee cord I was using to hold down my son’s modified couch for Young Life’s couch race (a story for later). As I stretched and stretched it, I held my breath, hoping it wouldn’t snap. My [...]

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3 Ways to Enable Your Boss to be Great

By Michael Holland        So you’re telling me your boss just isn’t the best leader.  He has weaknesses and struggles and just isn’t as effective as you really need him to be.  Maybe it’s time for you to help him become a better boss.  Here are three ways you can invest in your [...]

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Where Does The Boss Spend His Time?

by Michael Holland      In a moment, the perception of how President Barrack Obama spends his time was vastly changed.  The raid and killing of the infamous terrorist Bin Laden revealed the depth and breadth of critical and non-critical activities the President was involved in over the last several months.  The juggling of information, [...]

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Worst Cooks in Your Organization

by Michael Holland      I love the reality show, Worst Cooks in America.  Self-select yourself into a process that starts with saying “Hey, I’m terrible at this” and be willing to learn in front of the world.  The cooks start at square one, learning the art and science of proper vegetable-cutting techniques, and then [...]

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The Sky is Falling: Be an Opportunistic Leader

by Michael Holland      The sky is falling and you have yet another staff meeting at 1:00.  The USA is in a recession, the markets are falling, or rising to fall yet again, budgets are being reviewed/cut, and layoffs are being announced.  Once-venerable companies teeter on the sharp edge of bankruptcy or engulfment by [...]

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Which Leader Has The Most Potential?

  By Michael Holland     The best approach in building a talent or leadership pipeline is to assess the potential of leaders against the level of sustained performance of them.  It is critical that both perspectives of the leader are ascertained.  The sustainability of performance at exceptional levels creates the pathway for a leader with potential [...]

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Failing at Leading Above Your Ability

  by Michael Holland     Luckily for most maturing leaders, there aren’t cameras rolling and a national audience of 16 million people watching as they make critical mistakes.  The NFL “replacement referees” have been trained in their craft but have been working as referees in less intense, less demanding levels than the NFL.   It would seem [...]

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