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A Trip Through the Valley of Despair

by Michael Holland -  Change is happening all the time. Modern theory on change tells us we will work through a fairly typical pattern of denial, despair, acceptance and then hopefully engagement with moving forward.  Think of it as a big U curve with despair at bottom It’s our visitation to the valley of despair [...]

By |2022-09-07T15:46:28-04:00September 7th, 2022|Managing Change|Comments Off on A Trip Through the Valley of Despair

Why Your Boss Sucks at Leadership and How NOT to Lead Like Him

By Michael Holland -  Your boss is an okay guy but there are so many things about the way he leads that drive you nuts.  He's the one who never received the training needed to get a clue on how to lead.  He taught you all about leadership through an oft-experienced yet little known methodology called [...]

By |2020-03-11T11:31:18-04:00October 5th, 2016|Managing Change|Comments Off on Why Your Boss Sucks at Leadership and How NOT to Lead Like Him

Planting Seeds. Watering Seedlings.

by Michael Holland     Take a strategic leadership approach to coaching and mentoring your employees.  Determine one or two key performance areas for each employee.  Choose performance areas which will provide the employee an opportunity to grow, explore or enhance talents.  With each key area, determine how you will plant and water a seed to help [...]

By |2018-11-30T09:24:08-05:00November 30th, 2012|Managing Change|Comments Off on Planting Seeds. Watering Seedlings.

Enable Accountability

by Michael Holland     Is there a way to get your employees to act accountably? Yes! Start by making sure you allow it and support it. Ask yourself: Are you role modeling accountability - are you stepping up, solving problems and acting accountably? Are you coaching accountability - are you talking about your expectations, providing feedback when you [...]

By |2018-11-30T09:24:09-05:00October 9th, 2012|Managing Change|Comments Off on Enable Accountability

Is That Fence Still Turned On?

by Michael Holland     I’m intrigued with the invisible fences that dog owners use to train their dogs.  A few weeks of shock treatment combined with well-placed flags provide enough structure to control most dogs for the rest of their lives with the fence turned off.  For the dog, that fence is always there and limits [...]

By |2018-11-30T09:24:13-05:00October 3rd, 2012|Managing Change|Comments Off on Is That Fence Still Turned On?


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