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3 Ways Leaders Fail to Align Their People

By Michael Holland -   15-year-old girls have perfected the art of dual communication. They nod appropriately to their parents as key parental instructions are put forth. Then in a moment the 15-year-old girl turns toward her friends and dramatically performs the full eye roll communicating her true feelings and commitment to her parents. Managers working [...]

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3 Ways to Convert Leadership Mistakes to Wisdom

by Michael Holland -  In 1994 I made a classic management mistake. It involved a very stressful job, a struggling team, and two bags of marshmallows. The short version of the story is that a consistently tardy team member to critical team meetings received a barrage of marshmallows when he arrived late again to our [...]

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Lead Like You’re the Rudder of a Sailboat

By Michael Holland - During a summer evening on the Magothy River, one of the large rivers feeding the famous Chesapeake Bay, I witnessed a beautiful sailing race: 40 or 50 sailboats tacked back and forth along the river, each one maneuvering to catch the wind perfectly and take advantage of a competitor. From far [...]

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Crafting the Story: The Critical Questions You Need to Answer as a Leader

By Michael Holland -  Great leaders learn the art of crafting the story in which employees can place themselves. The story has historical underpinnings, heroes, villains, a bit of drama, obstacles to overcome and a goal to be achieved that is just beyond the capabilities of the team but is within reach. Great leaders give [...]

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Why Great Leaders Say “Bring Me Problems”

By Michael Holland -  Your leadership mantra challenge for the rest of 2021 should be Bring Me Problems. We have so often heard the opposite phrase of don't bring me problems, bring me solutions. We are too busy to solve all these problems and we want our employees to stand on their own, figure things out, [...]

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Watch Out for the False Summits in Leadership

By Michael Holland - The Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY provide a beautiful opportunity for hiking. There are 46 mountains that are higher than 4,00 feet. I’ve spent some time climbing a few of the "46ers" and one challenge appears often: the false summit. After a few hours of hiking you come to a spot [...]

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The 7 Items to Include in Your Leadership Owner’s Manual

By Michael Holland -  I needed to re-set my clock in my not-so-new car and had forgotten which buttons to push in sequence to get the clock flashing and ready for change.  Rumbling through my glove box I pulled out the thick, black canvass bag which contained the owner’s manual.  Well, actually it contained one [...]

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You Might Have a Dysfunctional Team If . . .

By Michael Holland -  Teams, teams, they are everywhere.  Many think that just surviving together through the drudgery of the workweek makes the group a team.  Many think that having a moniker – the senior leadership team, the accounts payable team, the special super-secret project team – creates a truly cohesive and functional team.  The [...]

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What Type of Trust Should Leaders Exhibit?

by Michael Holland -  Manager Matt is two years into his 1st tour of duty as a leader.  He’s survived the dark days of learning to manage on the fly with new situations when everything was new to him. He’s been through handling performance reviews and slow staff meetings, handled performance challenges and un-engaged peers, [...]

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It’s Not the Team Failing, It’s the Lack of Ideal Team Players

By Michael Holland -  The team is not the problem.  The team itself is not dysfunctional. The team didn't wake up today and say hey, I'm going to be a dysfunctional team. The team is simply a label being placed on a group of people who together create a entity that can enable tremendous success [...]

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