Merry DiSCember!

Welcome to our Holiday Fun and People-Reading Holiday Series!

We’ve created this fun exercise to help you and your team to celebrate, build and practice your DiSC knowledge.  We have secretly ascertained the DiSC styles for some holiday characters and personas that we’ve all come to know.  Every few days we have been posting several characters from the list to the DiSC map – and sharing some DiSC tips.  To play along, see if you can guess the styles of our 3 remaining characters.  If you’d like to start from the beginning you can  click here to see the original post.  To view our first round of characters and get some DiSC tips on comparing styles click here to see Round 1.

Round 2

Here are the characters we’ve added this round.  How close were your answers?

  • Rudolph
  • George Bailey
  • Hermie the Elf
  • Scott Calvin/The Santa Clause

To see the priorities and preferences of the styles that exemplify our cast of characters, click on the chart on the right.  Or click here to download the chart.

The final team DiSC map will be revealed on December 22nd!


Impact of Style Intensity – Rudolph and George Bailey

Many factors impact a person’s work style including their life experiences, education, self-awareness and the intensity of their DiSC style. We are all a blending of all 4 DiSC styles to varying degrees. So it is important that we use DiSC as a tool to increase our understanding of one another, and how to work together more effectively – and not as a label.

The impact of intensity is why we see people of similar styles having similar reactions or behaviors, but not behaving identically. On our holiday DiSC map we see that Rudolph is a very intense “S” – his “dot” is fairly far from the center of the map – close to the outer edge of the circle. With this very intense “S” style we note that Rudolph routinely displays the traits of the steadiness style: he’s humble, reserved, accommodating to others, is warm and caring for others and appears to lack a bit of self-confidence.

In comparison, George Bailey who is also an “S” – finds his “dot” closer to the center of the circle. What we see with this less intense “S” that George is more of a blending of other styles with his “S”: while he is empathetic and selfless in his acts with his boss and bank customers and loyal to his family business – he is also a risk-taker, decisive and action-oriented – reacting quickly as his brother is in need and as the market crashes. These “D” type behaviors impact the intensity of George’s “S” style.

The intensity of one’s DiSC style matters because it gives us a deeper understanding into our own DiSC style and that of others. People with more “intense styles” are typically easier to identify – although they frequently find that they have to work “harder” to adapt to styles that are different than their own. People with less intense styles typically find that adapting to other styles is a bit less work.

Be sure to re-visit your DiSC assessment, paying attention to the intensity of your style, to help you further increase your self-awareness and effectiveness as you work with others. Or if you’ve not yet taken a DiSC assessment – give it to yourself as a holiday gift! A great investment in your development for the coming year!

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