Building Great Teams with Everything DiSC

We work with teams of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to build successful team behaviors.


DiSC - What If - 2015Employees who know and understand their personal communications style are better able to improve their understanding of the people with whom they work. Everything DiSC helps individuals learn new ways of building more effective relationships and improves the overall quality of the workplace.

An Ideal Team Building Program

Focus: Building more effective relationships, kick-starting a team, increasing employee engagement within teams and among teams.

Audience:  Broad employee groups, self-contained teams, management teams, project teams, etc.

After a consultation on the needs, goals and aspirations for the team or group of employees, we develop and facilitate a customized team program which focuses on the communication and behavior styles of each individual. Typically, the education process allows for the participants to:

  • Learn about the DiSC model and their style within that model.
  • Understand and explore the priorities that drive them during the work day.
  • Discover their similarities, differences, and reactions among and to the various DiSC styles.
  • Use the DiSC model to identify what challenges the participant when working with each style, as well as to improve the participant’s understanding of the people with whom they work.
  • Practice using DiSC to build more effective relationships at work.


What to Expect

​Our team will work with you to initiate the team building project.

  • To clearly identify goals for the session, we will facilitate a conversation on goals with the key leader(s). We will weave our learnings into the team’s training session and exercises.
  • We will work with you regarding our requirements/logistics for the training space whether that’s at your site or off-site.
  • We will gather contact information from you for the participants for the online assessment process.
  • We will work with the key leader(s) as they develop talking points for kicking off the team session.