What have we been up to?

Just like most of you, the past couple of months produced unexpected change, driving us to re-think how we do what we do, and how we can best support our clients. We’ve been very busy at work and wanted to provide you with some highlights of what we’ve done.

#Leadwell: Building Leaders for Tomorrow

We concluded our first 100% virtually delivered program this week! The graduates of this program will join the ranks of 3,050 of Capital Region Leaders who are now part of our 7K vision. The feedback from the virtual delivery was so strong we are going to continue to offer this format as an on-going option. (Learn More About #Leadwell)

Virtual Training

We converted all of our programs to a virtual platform – and this includes our popular Everything DiSC Workplace® program. We realize that you need to continue to train your leaders and teams. We want to make sure we are still here to partner with you and can now provide training in a format that meets the needs of your 2020 workforce. (Learn More About DiSC Workplace®)

Agile EQ™

We have launched a DiSC® based emotional intelligence assessment and training. This too can be delivered virtually and is a great add-on for DiSC® savvy organizations looking to grow the emotional intelligence of their leaders and teams. (Learn More About Agile EQ™)

Team Development

We’ve helped a variety of leaders and teams move forward in these challenging times. We’ve facilitated team discussions, helping them gain traction; helped leaders build skills in leading virtually; and even helped teams learn how to use Zoom so they could be more productive. (Learn More About Teams)

Leadership Coaching

We’ve continued to help leaders at all levels to better understand their impact upon their teams and organizations as well as how to lead virtual teams. We’ve been delivering coaching session virtually including 360-degree feedback surveys. (Learn More About Coaching)

We’d like to hear what you’ve been up to and what challenges you continue to face. We believe that keeping a focus on supporting your leaders and teams will continue to prove beneficial. Let’s talk soon!