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About Robin Perry

Robin Perry brings a 20 plus year career in human resources, management, and training and development to her work at Bishop House Consulting, Inc. Robin has developed an expertise in working with individuals and teams to maximize their effectiveness in how they work together, to improve business results.

What if Mother’s Day was a Performance Review?

by Robin Perry So every May we celebrate our Mothers. We tell them how much we love them and show our appreciation. As a mom, it’s a day I’ve always enjoyed - and honestly feel as if I’ve earned! I work hard all year long to support my family and make sure our household runs [...]

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Leaders: Are You Making Your Team Dysfunctional?

by Robin Perry I often hear about teams that don’t work well together. A leader or manager will tell me about team members that don’t get along, or someone who’s not “pulling their weight” and it’s causing problems on the team. Certainly there are team members who can be disruptive – and other times it’s [...]

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Are You Doing Your Job as a Leader…a.k.a. Are You Investing in Your Young Leaders?

by Robin Perry Where do leaders come from? And how do people become good leaders? For a few it just happens. They have natural talents and abilities - they are inquisitive and self-reflective - they have high emotional intelligence. But for most it’s because an investment was made in them. Someone took an interest in [...]

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What if Doctors Stopped Learning? A Message to Leaders.

by Robin Perry On a recent visit to an ambulatory surgery center with my daughter I found myself curious about how “current” the surgeon was on the procedure she was about to perform. It was evident that state of the art equipment had been installed in the pre-op suite. A roll across the forehead takes [...]

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Performance Reviews: Don’t Look Back!

by Robin Perry The dreaded performance review! There are very few managers or employees that look forward to performance reviews. But maybe that’s because they are focused in all the wrong places. Instead of focusing on the past – looking back at last year - shift your focus. Focus forward! Where is the organization headed? [...]

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Improve your Communication: Have an Out-of-Body Experience!

By Robin Perry Most everyone I work with is looking to improve their communication skills – and for most of us it’s effort worth making.  How effective we are in our work and personal lives is often a factor of how well we communicate with others.  So what to do?  Step outside of yourself! Rather [...]

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Why Leaders Who Can Touch Their Toes Are More Effective

By Robin Perry I have always viewed being able to touch my toes as an indicator of my flexibility. And occasionally I’ve worked hard enough to be able to place my palms on the floor.  Recently I’ve thought that this same level of stretching and flexibility is exactly what leaders need to be doing as [...]

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The Two Interpretations of a Goal and Why You Should Care

By Robin Perry All goals are not created equally.  And no two employees are the same.  So how do you establish goals that both challenge an employee and motivate them? When creating goals for your staff, go further than just making them SMART goals – consider their DiSC style and what drives them, as you [...]

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How to Have Your Best Year Ever as a Leader in 2016

By Robin Perry It’s December 2016 – yes, that’s right – December 2016.  That’s not a typo.  It’s time to think about December 2016, even though it’s only December 2015.  Now is the time to think about what you want next year to look like – without getting overwhelmed by the process. Time passes quickly.  [...]

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