Bishop House Consulting is the premier leadership development firm in the Capital Region and Tech Valley, partnering with organizations to build leadership capacity.  We have worked with thousands of leaders through delivery of customized management development projects and individual executive coaching programs.  We work intimately with organizations to understand their culture and current leadership maturity so that we can build customized learning processes which will increase manager knowledge and require managers to practice this knowledge both in the classroom and back in the real world.  Quite often we see the following needs for management development endeavors:

  • Clarifying the role individuals play as managers and leaders
  • Improving management communications
  • Building mature relationships with employees and peers
  • Practicing coaching skills for improving performance
  • Leading and motivating teams

Guiding leaders to be able to observe behaviors, to engage an individual in honest and forthright conversation about performance, and to work together to find solutions that move towards a joint path of improved performance.
Promoting the concept of accountability and building a more accountable culture through multiple levels of leaders by leveraging the book The Oz Principle.
Increasing the financial acumen of staff to enable them to be prepared to make better business decisions for the organization.
Exploring the role of a leader, how a leadership role differs from the role of an individual contributor, applying the 5 Levels of Leadership, and developing the skills needed for success in the position.
Using the Everything DiSC Management Profile to understand personal leadership style and discover how a manager’s style influences the way they manage time, make decisions, and approach problems when working with staff.
Examining the importance of communication as well as all of the numerous aspects of communication: informal and formal, impact based upon method, impact of body language and tone, importance of listening, and establishing and maintaining all lines of communication.
Guiding managers to understand change, become familiar with the change cycle, learn how to cope with their own changes, and more effectively lead their staff through change.
Exploring various feedback and coaching methods to provide managers with skills and tools to manage employee performance, and using case studies to provide opportunities to explore the differences between coaching and counseling, and practice various approaches.
Using the model of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, managers learn to understand their own leadership behaviors and how they impact their effectiveness, focusing on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes.
Learning and practicing the techniques to create and deliver powerful and effective presentations.
Developing the behaviors and skills to manage the performance review conversation through topics such as how to structure a productive conversation, how to engage the employee in the conversation, how to address performance issues, how to discuss goals, etc.
Introducing managers to a variety of review approaches, teaching them how to connect the performance review to work performed throughout the year, and guiding them to understand how to structure a review to increase its impact and usefulness.
Revisiting the basics of exceptional customer service, managing reactions, and handling difficult calls.
Guiding managers to understand their personal tendencies towards conflict, adjust behaviors and conversations to make them more worthwhile, and learn how to have difficult conversations, address issues constructively, and build relationships while discussing challenging issues.
Developing the skills to analyze the behaviors desired for roles and applying those desires to the interview process, focusing on behavioral-based interviewing techniques.


Individual sessions for managers within organizations, focusing on:

  • Making management training programs sticky
  • Using one-on-one management development
  • Establish new behaviors and habits
Individual sessions for leaders leading other leaders geared toward:

  • Corporate executives with challenging situations
  • Business owners balancing leadership with strategy execution
  • One-on-one leadership refinement and development for high potential executives
  • Balancing the work of leading leaders
  • Leaving a legacy
Building leadership capacity across the organization by:

  • Making management training sticky
  • Building peer to peer networks
Personalized feedback for leaders at all levels that:

  • Reveals how others perceive a leader’s behaviors and impact
  • Helps leaders discover three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness

We would be happy to contact you about how we can help you build leadership capacity in your organization.