Helping your business communicate during times of change


Welcome to Bishop House of Annapolis!

Our company dedicates itself to providing continuity to businesses on the move. Whether your business is growing, downsizing or outsourcing, we can assist you with executive writing services and documentation to assist in the day-to-day operations of your company.


Here are some of the ways Bishop House of Annapolis can help your business:

Executive Writing Services – We will work with you to write or edit your brochures, newsletters, internal and external communication pieces and human resources handbooks.

Research Services – When you communicate corporate and marketing information to your employees and customers, we will help you find the facts and references that best strengthen your message points.

Writing Skills Assistance – If there are key players in your business who need coaching to improve their business writing skills, Bishop House of Annapolis will provide on-site or off-site assistance to them.

Process Analysis – We can give you a professional outside perspective of job functions in your business to ensure that the day-to-day procedures your employees follow best benefit your company’s bottom line.

Procedures Documentation – Bishop House of Annapolis will provide you with a living document of procedures for your business which will prevent disruption of daily operations when turnover, growth or downsizing occur.

Bishop House of Annapolis officially opened its doors in January 2004. Kathleen Burton Holland, President, comes from a 30+ year career of working for growth-oriented companies. Formerly of CitiStreet Retirement Services Division, a Citigroup-State Street company, Holland understands the importance of providing clarity in communications with both internal and external customers. Through her experience with process improvement (most recently through Six Sigma participation), she also knows how to approach operational challenges that exist as companies change in size and direction.


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