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Role of a Leader

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You Just Fired Your First Employee: The 6 Things You Should Do Next

By Michael Holland The pressure has been building for months.  You were clear on his performance review 6 months ago.  You were clear 3 months ago when you put him on the performance improvement plan and 1 month ago you met with him to sign the update to the PIP making sure he read the [...]

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An Introduction to The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

An introduction to The Five Behaviors model in the context of a real team. It explains how the behaviors derive from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by New York Times best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, and describes how critical the behaviors are to building a cohesive team. The Five Behaviors profile, which provides both individual and [...]

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What is Leadership Style and Why Does it Matter to Me

By Michael Holland     Your leadership style is a melting pot of your personality, your life experiences, your natural/preferred communication style, the level of your emotional intelligence, and your perspective. The success of both young leaders and well-seasoned leaders in eliciting the willing collaboration of others toward a worthwhile goal depends heavily on the capability of [...]

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Quote – Great Leaders Build Their Bench of Leaders

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Top 3 Excuses Why Leaders Don’t Meet with Their Bosses One-on-One

by Michael Holland      When I was a young manager working in Washington DC, my boss at the time began a certain tradition. Each week, she walked with me from our office, to and around the White House, and back again.  This 20-minute walk was spent talking about the hows and whats of managing [...]

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3 Fears You Should Have When Considering a Promotion

by Michael Holland      A promotion brings tremendous thrill and excitement.  But seasoned leaders realize that those feelings are short lived.  Their hard-won wisdom tells them a promotion’s short honeymoon will be followed by three times as much work as they had before. As you get promoted, especially to your first management position, you [...]

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The 3 Mistakes That Trip Up New And Seasoned Leaders

by Michael Holland     Walking up a trail in the Adirondacks with a 50-pound backpack while staring at the majestic scenery creates the prime opportunity to catch your toe on the root in the path and tumble forward.  Doing it twice in a matter of 15 minutes… well, that just feels stupid. Emerging leaders – and forgetful [...]

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Quote – A Wise Leader Says What Can I Do Differently

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3 Ways We Continually Fail Our Young Leaders

By Michael Holland     Generation after generation of leaders have followed the same path:  get thrown into the position to take over leading their former peers, spend 10 or so years guessing at what they're supposed to do as a manager, and then start attending leadership development programs which attempt to educate them on [...]

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The Slow Fade of a Leader and His Authority

by Michael Holland     There he sits, the 52-year-old, slightly graying VP. He’s in the same seat he sits in every week at the meeting.  He’s present, but he’s not really here.  He talks, but no one actually listens to what he’s saying.  He’s productive and his team seems to get the minimal work completed, but [...]

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