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Collisions to Tease Your Brain and Grow Your Leadership Wisdom

by Michael Holland    

What happens when you read Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, a book about President Lincoln’s leadership of his purposefully diverse cabinet, followed by C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, a transcription of radio shows communicating the common and basics beliefs of Christianity?  Collisions in the mind that stretch the […]

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Leadership on Bad Hair Days

by Robin Perry

I’ve never been known for my hair. In fact it’s been a struggle most of my life and I even remember my mother apologizing that I “got her hair” – that stung! But on occasion as I put away the blow dryer I’m satisfied with the reflection in the mirror. Recently I […]

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The Rituals I’ve Created to Become More Effective

By Michael Holland 

Creating rituals and habits in your life enable you to be much more efficient and effective. Many studies and books – The Power of Habit is a great one – delve into the inner workings of our brain and the role it plays in creating habits. The short story is that our […]

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What if Mother’s Day was a Performance Review?

by Robin Perry

So every May we celebrate our Mothers. We tell them how much we love them and show our appreciation. As a mom, it’s a day I’ve always enjoyed – and honestly feel as if I’ve earned! I work hard all year long to support my family and make sure our household runs […]

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Leaders: Are You Making Your Team Dysfunctional?

by Robin Perry

I often hear about teams that don’t work well together. A leader or manager will tell me about team members that don’t get along, or someone who’s not “pulling their weight” and it’s causing problems on the team. Certainly there are team members who can be disruptive – and other times it’s […]

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Avoid These 3 Types of Unwise Leaders

By Michael Holland     

When you happen upon a wise leader you’ll notice something very interesting.  They ponder.  They take a moment to dive into a pool of thought as they consider a decision, a course of action or a way in which to act.

The pondering may be just a second or two, or […]

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There Are NO Do-Overs in Leadership: 3 Ways to Avoid Making Mistakes as a Leader

By Michael Holland – 

You cannot re-lead.  You can’t go back in time and lead in a different way.  You can’t wipe the slate clean and have people – your employees, peers and bosses – view you differently.  You can’t take back those words.  You can’t change the look that was on your face.

Every one […]

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One of The Most Irritating Comments I Hear From Leaders

By Michael Holland – 

One of the most irritating comments I hear from leaders at all levels is along the lines of “. . . my team is my family . . . ” And when a leader above the rank of VP talks this way, I become extremely concerned for the welfare of the company […]

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A Vital Skill to Help You Survive the Seemingly Clueless Leader

by Michael Holland – 

Solving difficult problems and making wise organizational decisions can tax even the most self-actualized, mature, enlightened, and cohesive leadership team.  A key to success is the capability to assume positive intent from the others on your team.

This means that when the tight-fisted CFO shoots down your proposal because the costs involved […]

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Why You Should Always Assume Employees Are in the Room

By Michael Holland

The moment you were first promoted to lead others you stepped across an enormous chasm.  You thought it was a simple small step forward; just a mere couple of inches to the first rung on the ladder up the organization’s hierarchy.  But in reality you were suddenly one of “them”, part of […]

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