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What a Leader Can Learn From a Snowy Road and a 16 Year Old Driver

by Michael Holland    

A foot of snow provided the perfect opportunity to teach my then 16-year-old son how to drive in the snow.  He was several months into his learner’s permit process and, all things considered, was a fairly good driver.

To start off, we found a nice big parking lot.  “Floor it towards that […]

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How Leadership Muscle Memory Can Help You to Lead Well

by Michael Holland    

So much of what we do every day is executed via muscle memory.  Walking to a meeting is so simple that we don’t even think about the physics of how our body works. We can unthinkingly create a fluid motion that moves the mass of our weight away from a desk, […]

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The Question Your Need to Ask Yourself as a Leader

By Michael Holland

I’ve asked the question countless times and more often than not I get the same basic answer.  The question: who in your past has been a great leader, someone you can visualize and model your leadership behavior after?

A few moments of staring off into space ensues while they think back through the […]

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Do You Have a Balanced Portfolio of Leadership?

By Michael Holland

My keen financial planning colleagues can speak for hours about the art and science of balancing portfolios.  For the rest of us, we know that it’s good to have a balanced portfolio whether it’s with financial assets, the food we choose to consume over a week, or the selection of adult beverages […]

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6 Hidden Assumptions that Limit Your Team’s Effectiveness

By Michael Holland

Picture this real life competition with a goal to build the tallest structure that can support a soft, fluffy, lightweight marshmallow using spaghetti, twine and tape within 18 minutes. First, there’s a ballroom full of 100 co-workers.  They are broken out into random teams of 4 to 5 and are busy at […]

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What Will I Do When I’m Faced With This Situation

by Michael Holland    

As a leader, you may ultimately be faced with a situation that you never would have believed could happen.  A leader is charged with so much responsibility and often has little training or wisdom to deal with the challenges that life can bring.  The list below contains real situations I, or […]

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You Might Have a Dysfunctional Team If . . .

By Michael Holland
Teams, teams, they are everywhere.  Many think that just surviving together through the drudgery of the work week makes the group a team.  Many think that having a moniker – the senior leadership team, the accounts payable team, the special super-secret project team – creates a truly cohesive and functional team.  The […]

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What Your Invisible Leadership Badge Reveals About You

by Michael Holland    

“Character is the will to do what’s right even when it’s hard.”  Andy Stanley

I love this definition.  It clearly articulates the tension that exists for a leader who can see the right ways and wrong ways when he is called to make a decision and pursue a particular path.  Only one […]

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The 7 Items to Include in Your Leadership Owner’s Manual

By Michael Holland     
I needed to re-set my clock in my not-so-new car and had forgotten which buttons to push in sequence to get the clock flashing and ready for change.  Rumbling through my glove box I pulled out the thick, black canvass bag which contained the owner’s manual.  Well, actually it contained […]

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The Fallacy of “I’m A Working Manager”

by Michael Holland    

“I’m a working manager.  I just don’t have the time to do all these management things I’m supposed to do”

Yes, you are a working manager.  And so is every other person out there who is responsible for leading and managing other people.  Every foreman, supervisor, team leader, manager, senior manager, project […]

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